Texas Oil Dust LLC

Our goal is to bring you the best "All Natural", "Gluten Free" seasonings to your dinner table. Our Seasonings are made in Gluten Free Facilities, All right here in the Great State Of Texas, with the best intentions at heart for a healthier eating experience. When you look at your our bottles, you will see a "Gluten Free" symbol and you will also see a "May contain Gluten" (even though the Facilities are Gluten Free environments, this is just a precaution until we are able to certify the origins of the spices we use). The Oil Dust, Barn Yard Pimp and Piggy Bank seasonings are made in "Gluten Free Facilities" just like all of our other great tasting seasonings. We just want to be as transparent as possible with our customers and make sure you are 100% satisfied and confident in our product. Many of my family members are effected by "Celiac Disease" and use our products with 100% certainty. We want you to know we will keep striving to better serve our customers best interest at heart and healthy lifestyle. You can rest assured that we will continue to bring out the "BOLD flavors of Texas" in every bite and were sure you'll keep coming back for more. Our line of seasonings are great on all cuts of BEEF, CHICKEN, PORK and VEGETABLES. Try it today, I promise you won't be disappointed.